Hello world!

Right, here goes. My very first blog post…

I think the most obvious place to start would be an introduction both to me and my writing. If you’re following me then So first of all – me… I was born in 1986. I’ll help you with the maths – that makes me 25 (coming up for 26). My love affair with writing began at school. Stories and essays came pretty easy and I was good at them. Or thought I was at least. I didn’t really write outside of school though. I was far too busy reading for that. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Famous Five and whatever else I could get my hands on. As a teenager, I went through the obligatory stage of writing angsty poems and even entered a few into competitions. Needless to say I never won.

For the next decade my writing was virtually nonexistent. I kept an ideabook and even started a few projects but they invariably petered out pretty quickly. Work and other responsibilities meant that any spare time I had was quickly swallowed up. The thought of countless hours spent writing and then the impossible task of getting published at the end of it all meant the idea of a book with my name on it was little more than a pipedream. But then with the advent of the Kindle and the success of other indie authors, the finish line felt a whole lot closer than it had before. And so, either much later than it should have or perhaps arriving precisely when it meant to, my serious writing began.


About davidbastiani

I write words and sometimes they end up in the right order. I am the creator of Milo Peretti - Rome's newest private detective - and I'm currently working on my debut novel, The Colour of Weeping. I also write poetry. Sometimes I might let people read it. View all posts by davidbastiani

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